Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's Watching Psychic Kids on A&E?

So who's watching Psychic Kids on A&E? It's a documentary, so it's real footage, etc about these kids who claim they see dead people, are psychic, can predict things, etc. It's not like a scripted show or anything. If you're not watching it you totally should. I am obsessed with it and almost pee the bed every time I watch it.

Did you see this past Monday's episode? Why am I asking questions like I'm having a conversation with someone? Holy crap, maybe I see dead people too! Anyway, this past Monday night they had this chick from Ohio who saw her dead uncle walking around her house. She also dreamt about the way he would die and then the next day he died that exact way. Boo! So she also sees this little boy in her house who always wants her to play with him, but she never does because, you know, he's dead and stuff. Well, they give her this night vision camcorder and she goes down to her basement by herself at like 3:21 am with all the lights off. She sets up the camera and all you see is that green night-vision stuff and her eyes which look all crazy when in night vision. Then you see her sit on the ground and say out loud, "You want me to play with you? You want me to play ball with you?" And then she takes this huge ball and rolls it like 2 or 3 feet in front of her. And THEN it rolls back to her. IT ROLLS BACK TO HER.....and then it rolls a little to the left and then back to where she originally rolled it and then to the right. Insane! And it's not like the floor was warped and it just rolled back. For those of you who saw it you know exactly what I'm talking about. That dead little boy was totally playing ball with her! I literally sat up in bed and said, "Holy crap!" Then I prayed to Santa that I wouldn't see any dead people that night in my apartment. I was up until 2 am.

You HAVE TO watch Psychic Kids! So good!


Leah said...

THAT SHOW IS AWESOME I agree! I saw that episode & also prayed I would not see/hear any ghosts in my house! lol. Ghost Hunters on SciFi is always fantastic & the other show they have on a&e - paranomal state - will be back on next monday!

Emily said...

I heart Chip.