Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yes! We Finally Have a Strategy on How to Smoke Bin Landen Out of the Hole He's Hiding in! Heidi and Spencer are Going to Iraq!

Please don't stop the war yet! Just give it a little more time! Trust me, you'll thank me later troops! Heidi and Spencer have surprisingly strayed away from Us Weekly and told Extra that Heidi plans on going over to the Middle East and "perform" for the troops. No joke. Haven't these troops suffered enough? I'm sure after hearing Heidi "perform" for them they'll be running into Taliban terrorist training camps without their weapons. Imagine? Imagine you're a solider fighting for our country, you haven't seen your family in months, you're shot at everyday, and then you hear the following statement, "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for HEIDI MONTAG!" This alone should force Bin Laden out of hiding! I knew that Heidi and Spencer would one day be good for something.

Here's what Heidi had to say on Extra:

"My brother was an airborne ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's very important to me and important to Spencer to support the troops and go over there."




JJ said...
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JJ said...

Did you see Spencer's comment in Us Weekly last week as to why they were at the shooting range (is that what you call it?) Something like "We're going to Iraq so Heidi can perform and if something goes down and they throw us a gun, we want to know how to use one." Yeah, like that would ever happen. More likely scenario: The troops "accidentally" shoot them while she performs her spastic dance moves and Spencer is holding a boombox on one shoulder and a video camera in his other hand.