Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ali Lohan Sprouts Boobs

I'm sorry, it was wrong for me to say that Ali Lohan has sprouted boobs. What I should have said was Aliana Lohan has sprouted boobs. She should be called by her formal name at a time like this.

Us Weekly is trying to stir the white-trash-freckled-overly-tanned pot by doing a side-by-side comparison of Ali Lohan looking lite-breasted and then fully-breasted. Are they trying to say that Ali bought her rack? Either way this is the type of stuff that gets dirty old men arrested whilst on "To Catch a Predator."

All I know is that Ali Lohan looks like she'd knock a bitch out. I bet she's a scrappy fighter. She's not pulling hair and slapping she's totally putting people in a headlock and giving them an Indian sunburn.
At the end of the day I say who really cares! Buy boobs. Don't buy boobs. Regardless, Dina Lohan will be burning in hell for being a horrible horrible mother (allegedly). See you in hell Dina! No really, I'll be there too. If you get there first grab me an iced coffee....regular, with just milk. Oh, and bring the sun-block. I don't want to freckle like Linds.


Taylor said...

I wonder how far apart those pictures are. If those boobies are fake, we should gang up on her mother and choke her / drag her thru the city. Having SOME morals is a good idea, and whoring out your children does not fall in that category. Didn't all of Lindsay's trips to rehab mean ANYTHING to her. Seriously.

Jeannette said...

do you think Dian lohan ever came across your blog and went nuts? what if you end up on the show?

sydneydoll said...

it would be painful to have such big boobs.
hurt when you sleep.