Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And There Wasn't Anyone Who Didn't Think This Was a Good Idea? Nobody? Really? Wow.

This isn't a joke. The Spanish Olympic basketball team was photographed for a team picture prior to the Olympic Games in which they put their fingers near their eyes in an attempt to slant them. These photos were used in ads in the Spanish newspaper, La Marca. La Marca, which I believe is Spanish for "are you shitting me with this?" has not removed the ad.

Ironically enough, the Spanish basketball team beat out China the other night, winning 85-75 in overtime. However, the Chinese fans in the stands were boo'ing them the entire time.

IBBB, the skilled reporter he is, reached out the the Spanish basketball for comment to which they replied, "Me Chinese, me played joke, me did pee-pee in your coke." Well I guess that clears that up.

Thanks, Jen, for the tip!

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