Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bon Jovi Hits the Hamptons

Bon Jovi, his wife, and his kids were enjoying a little downtime in the Hamptons this past weekend, just about a month since his tour ended. While there, BJ attended the Tony Hawk Foundation Annual Activision Benefit. I don't know what any of the means and I'm too lazy to Google it, but if it's a benefit it must be a good thing.

Is it just me or is it strange to see Bon Jovi in regular people clothes? I feel like any time you see him he's in his rocker gear. I guess I just assumed he'd be wearing cowboy boots instead of flip-flops while at the Hamptons. I'm sure this picture will end up in Us Weekly under the title: "Celebrities: They're Just Like Us!"

You're welcome, Janine.


Janine said...

Thank you Piggity:)
I love when you write JBJ stories!!!

Jeannette said...

why are you posting about Bon jovi. Post about more important things like sea monkeys