Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi There, Carlton

Me gusta when my old favorite sitcom stars are back in the spotlight. Like, me gusta it a lot. Alfonso Riberio, who is apparently a different person than Mario Lopez, was all weird hand gestures at "The Gumball 3000 International Car Rally" event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is sunny Las Vegas. What percentage of photographers and humans in general request for Alfonso to do the "Carlton dance?" I mean, I'm not a photographer or human and I, alone, have written dozens of letters requesting that he does it. One can only imagine how many others are requesting it. Therefore, I'll go with 47% of people request the Carlton dance. My math is so dead on. Me gusta. Me gusta it all.

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Anonymous said...

I also learned this weekend that Carlton hosts a game show called Catch's basically Black Jack and Trivia for complete jackasses, and some whore named Mikki that I want to slap in the face. But she's hot. Anyway, Carlton doesn't dance but he does get really excited. And I suspect he'll start dancing soon. The End.