Thursday, August 14, 2008

...In Other News...

Lauren Conrad ponders life whilst walking with 3,000 photographers in West Hollywood. Lauren is said to be selling her house as her neighbors think she's a skanky whore....or just a loud neighbor that causes too much commotion with all the bus tours, paparazzi, camera crews, etc. 4 more sleeps until the new Hills season starts! In other news...

~ Samantha Rotten isn't the Only Freddie Krueger ~ ABH
~ Heidi's Mom Shops at Kitson ~ DSF
~ Who Isn't Pissed at Tori Spelling ~ CS
~ Carrie Underwood Still a Bitch ~ Websters
~ Julia Child is: The Spy Who Seared Me ~ PB
~ Diddy Talks About Sex Because He's a Retard ~ POTP
~ Jamie Lynn Cheated on by the Old Britney? ~ BS
~ Rihanna in a Bikini ~ Y
~ President Bush Loves Volleyball ~ Ay!

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