Monday, August 25, 2008

...In Other News...

We get it, Madonna, you're 50. In other news...

~ Dane Cook is Scientifically a Douche ~ ABH
~ Who Wants to Fight KFed? ~ Websters
~ Buy Paris' Nasty Hair ~ CS
~ More Photos of Retarded Heidi Montard ~ DSF
~ Celebrity Couple Puzzle ~ Ayyyy
~ What is a Selena Gomez? ~ IDWYL
~ Lohan's Rack is Back ~ FB
~ Winehouse Snorts on Camera ~ ND
~ The 4th American Idol Judge ~ POTP
~ Cher to Play Catwoman? ~ PB


Anonymous said...

No Hills recap?

Maybe there was nothing to report on seeing as the half hour consisted of 70% commercials 25% scenes of LA set to Ashlee Simpsons new release, and 5% actual meat.....

Can we all, next Monday, get our old digital Ironman watches out and try to accurately account for all 30 minutes of a crapisode of The Hills? Im picturing a pie graph with a HUGE chunk of it devoted to commercials. I feel like an idiot watching this show.

Lets blow the lid off it....and we'll list ALL sponsors and start a petition to not buy any product advertised during the Hills. And after that, Ill focus on getting a life.

that's what she said...

half a century soldiers! half a century!

Taylor said...

Madonna is chanelling Sally O' Malley from SNL.

I like to KICK and STRETCH and KICK, cuz I'm 50. FIFTY YEARS OLD !!