Thursday, August 28, 2008

...In Other News...

Oh hi there, dear IBBB readers. IBBB (that's me) will be off for the next week(ish) and playing reindeer games in LA. I of course will be tracking down Lindsay No Pants freckle by freckle, trying to capture my arch nemesis, Diane Keaton, and spend as much time as I can looking for anyone and everyone from The Hills, this includes Jessica the chick who just got fired from Pubic Revolution by Kelly CUNTrone.

Now the sad news. I'm not sure if I'll be able to recap The Hills on Monday night, but if I can convince my friends to stay in for 30 minutes and drink whilst I recap, perhaps it can be done. In the meantime, check out some of my blogging friends as they will be much more updated them me for the next few days. Although feel free to check back here because you never know when I'll send a message from LA. Also, happy Labor Day. Try to get knocked up if you can.

Hills Bless,

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marita said...

if you want to see all the washed up reality stars (especially those from mtv) hit up BIG WANGS

Agent Bedhead said...

hey, if you see brody jenner, give him a good punch in the stomach!

champion said...

wtf. do your job and recap the hills. i'm sorry i was projecting my frustration. my life is meaningless without your recaps. it is difficult for me to express vulnerability. lo is like lauren's grotesque tumor/siamese twin that she knows she should cut off.... but the grotesque tumor/ siamese twin could die in the process! that is my fetish by the way, grotesque tumor/ siamese twin on grotesque tumor/ siamese twin action.


Becca said...

I'm missing IBBB. Now I actually have to do stuff at work rather than check this site for updates.

E said...

My roomie's boyfriend is friends with that Alex guy who went out with Whitney. He just talked to Alex's mom a few weeks ago. Too bad that was like their only date (unless they go out again in the future). I planned out "operation meet the Hills" in about 30 sec after he told me he went to school with Alex. When he comes back to Fresno I think I might need to set up an interview to ask such questions as, "Did it bother you that Whitney replaced her /g/ with /k/ at the end of every -ing word?"

Anonymous said...

pop culture, the party's over. Get on it!

Anonymous said...

OK where are you, this is the longest weekend ever. I need my Hills fix and hopefully you'll recap 90210~!!

Anonymous said...

we miss IBBB!!! you make my life amazing!

Anonymous said...

No hills recap? suck. Naw I'm just kidding have fun in L.A.

J said...

i need you to come back and to recap the hills its not the same without you ... and please tell me you did not miss the premiere of ANTM when tyra taught a "model" how to run fiercely from a moose!! new highs for your favourite tv host! Have a good trip!!

IBBB said...

I'm back to sick rat bastards....I'm back! Thanks for the loving messages/insults. Insults? Screw it, I'm keeping it.