Thursday, August 14, 2008

Isis From America's Next Top Model 11, Possibly Sans Penis?

Oh Tyra you've done it again! The 11th season of America's Next Top Model, which starts up on Sept 3rd, will be featuring a model who was born a man, but is now a woman. My dictionary says that's called "transgender." Now, kids at home, what that means is that the model (named Isis) was born with Mr Winky Claus, but it may have been chopped off and a rack was, well, installed. If I had access to a chalkboard I'd draw it out for you because that's how IBBB's father taught him about the birds and the bees. That's not a joke. Hi dad!

Anynuts, I'm sure Ms J and Mr Jay are going to be so jealous they'll be begging Tyra to cut of their dilly-dilly-ding-dong with hair cut scissors during the makeover episode. Personally, I don't discriminate. No really, I don't. I think it's great that Isis is is comfortable with herself to let people know that she used to pee standing up. I'm not sure how resident ANTM episode recapper, Jenny, will handle this week after week, but I'm sure that hijinks will ensue!

GLAAD is totally psyched about Isis being on ANTM 11 and has said, "We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible."

Ugh. You know Tyra did this just to get the applause. I wonder if Tyra will teach Isis how to smile with the space between her legs instead of her eyes? Is that still technically called the taint? I can't keep up.


Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Tyra but I wonder about her sometimes. Isis will have a physical advantage because males are usually physically stronger. There are a lot of physically demanding challenges and Isis might surprise us with his/her strength.

Anonymous said...

the thing with hrt (hormone replacement therapy) is that when estrogens are being dosed with anti-androgens (testosterone blockers) a person not only loses muscle definition but also muscle stregnth, if shes been on hrt long enough (at least 6 months) her muscle mass and stregnth should be comparable to most if not all of the girls competing on the show, good luck Isis!!

Anonymous said...

transgender usually refers to people who have the physical characteristics associated with one sex but identify as the gender we usually call 'opposite'.

transsexual usually refers to people who have had surgery to align their bodies with their gender.

i believe that isis is pre-op, meaning that she has not had surgery. if she has had bottom surgery then she would be transsexual.

Anonymous said...

Ok I think it is time for HRT (hormon replacement therapy) and SRS (sex reassignment surgery) 101 here...
HRT first since Isis is 22 it is to be assumed that she started HRT at a very young age maybe even pre puberty. What this means is that the physical changes attributed to testosteron just dont occur . If she start during puberty then that means some effects may have bean felt but are irrelevant. HRT also reduce muscular mass that means that her body adapts to being subjected to estrogen by 1- not developping a male musculature, 2- Causing fat tissues to deposit in the feminine places mainly the butt and hip.
Since it is more then clear Isis has gotten her SRS (I truly doubt they would let her compete otherwise), let me assure you they do not cut off the penis. The procedure is called penal inversion and uses most of the material to construct a very female looking genital area and the technic is now advance to the point of having sensitive clitoris and even orgasm.

Anonymous said...

Oh one last thing HRT does also dismisses body hair growth and also grows breasts. True most transexual have breast implant but they do grow real natural breasts.

I do I know this I am on HRT and plan on having SRS