Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Kids Day at Britney's House!

Hot-glue on your fanciest weave because it's "Bring Your Kids to Britney's House Day!" Britney got to spend the day with her two kids, "What's His Face" and "The Other One" and her dad, "Hillbilly Harry"thanks to her new court agreement.

Eh, at least she looks happy. I'd rather see Britney with a smile (and huge glasses on) than Britney with the scary half crying face (and huge glasses on) when the paparazzi "scares her" whilst she leaves a store on Robertson Blvd.

In other Britney news, late on Friday the photos came out of Britney's promo for the MTV Music Awards, or VMAs -as the kids call them, and I was too lazy to post it. Well here it is. Hopefully she's be performing. And by "performing" I mean "stumbling." With all the workouts she can't seem to slim down those horse legs. See, just another reason why the gym doesn't work.

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