Thursday, August 07, 2008

Katie Holmes "Outs" Man With Purse and Doll

Could there be anything less boring that Katie Holmes in the park? Katie, or as I like to call her "A Fancier Samantha Ronson," has almost completed her transformation into a 14 year old boy. She's wearing a stretched out pocket t-shirt and her new trademark tight-rolled jeans or "Denim Douche-Bag" as I will now refer to them as. Oh, and her button fly is unbuttoned. Tom is going to pitch a fit is her penis falls out and is exposed to the paparazzi.

Anyway, Katie bores me to tears which is why I hardly ever discuss her on IBBB, but when I saw this photo of her and Suri (blargh) at a NYC park yesterday I cracked a crooked smile when I noticed the poor old dude in the right corner of the picture. This guy probably just wanted to go to the park with his draining wife and screaming kid and he gets photographed holding his wifes purse and his kids doll. The look on his face is priceless. I'm sure his buddies at the city dump will be beaming with pride when they see these photos.


Andy said...

That guy is Exhibit A on how marrige is for suckers.

Taylor said...

Its time to ween Suri. Thanks. I am sure she can drink out of a cup/straw.


jamie said...

WTF is wrong with that kid? She's like 3 (that's 56 in alien years) and still sucking on a bottle. That's freaking sick

Anonymous said...

I am sure that is their security guy. How horrible would a normal person feel saying,"Ya, can you hold my purse, the diaper bag, & my child's doll?" That is just straight rude.