Monday, August 04, 2008

LC and LOser Do Something, Technically.

I'm not so good with words. What's the definition of "irony?" Is that the same as "ironic?" I believe so. Anyhills, Lauren Cockring and LOser Bosworthless were at the "Do Something Awards" which are a pre-party to the Teen Choice Awards. If, like me, you're wondering what any of those things are, you're old.

Lauren was wearing one of those whiteish business outfits that Heather Locklear used to wear on Melrose Place. Perfect! I'm am not envisioning LC walking into my office and knocking all the stuff off my desk. But then she'll start talking and it will totally kill the mood. LOser, on the other hand, was wearing the bottom half of one of Mrs Roper's caftans. While crouched down, LOser looks like a peacock ready to take a hot steamy dump on the red carpet. In positive LOser feedback, she does look like she's lost some weight. So hopefully she has some form of an eating disorder or maybe she's hooked on meth or something. Fingers crossed.

As a sidenote, only 15 more sleeps until the new season of The Hills starts! August 18th you rat bastards!

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