Thursday, August 07, 2008

LC Takes the Britney Spears Approach of Holding Stuff

Lauren Cockpig was running errands all around Hollywood yesterday in her jogging pants and wifebeater. I must say....pretty hot. I especially like how she's holding two iced drinks directly in front of her rack-attack. But that's just me. You may like other things. LC almost looks a little like Britney as she holds everything she owns in her little rich hands.

Lauren and her talented hands will be designing dresses that the trophy girls will hand out at the Emmy Awards. No really, they hired her for that. Lauren is so excited about this huge opportunity and has said, "I will be doing a red carpet look that still reflects the simple classic design of the Lauren Conrad Collection but with a black tie twist." Lauren continued on in her statement, "I will probably never have the respect I want in the fashion industry, but I can work hard every day to try and prove myself."

All true Lauren, all true. See all you young girls out there! All you need to do is get on a reality show, take a couple of college classes, work a half-ass internship for Lisa Loveless at Teen Vogue and "presto chango" you too can be designing dresses for the Emmy Awards! God bless America! I predict 45 more days before Jesus and/or Santa blows the US off the map.

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Andy said...

Maybe she was holding those cold drinks there to make her nipples hard and wet. It's the only way she would ever be interesting at this point. Get it, "point?" Wheee!

Whats On My Camera Phone said...

i am officially banning the Emmys from my home. which means...people...that *I* won't allow *myself* to watch it.

burgernoodle for the masses said...

all "cast" members of The Hills need to swallow some AJAX and lose the number for Poison Control.