Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look Who Hit the Wall Again!

How's that wall taste, Pam? Yowza! Pamela-Anderson-Lee-Hep-C-Rock looks like she hit the wall, went through it, dropped about 50 feet through the basement floor and then had a combination washer/dryer with wrinkle release fall on her. I don't think it would be that bad if she updated her face from that 1991 look. Oh, and by the way we know that your lip line isn't real. And I'm pretty sure you're regretting that barb-wire tattoo since those are about as cool these days as a fart in a heatwave. While Pammy's rack-attack usually looks good, this time around it looks like an Olsen Twin mooning the camera back when this Olsen Twin was playing Michelle Tanner. Basically, Pam has kiddie porn on her chest.

This photo was taken while Pam was promoting her show "Pam: My Skin is Loose" for E! Entertainment.

1 comment:

JDizzle said...

I love the hooker lip liner. Notice how she totally misses her lips all the way around. Trashtastic.