Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Oh My God, Lindsay is Totally a Lesbian!

Lindsay No Pants and the little boy behind her, Samantha Rotten, were quickly making their way through LAX to catch their international flight to some place where they could probably play "I guess we just bump it" in private.

Lindsay is really letting herself go and is about 4 freckles away from a complete lesbian. Now don't get me wrong, I know two lesbians and they're hot. But Lindsay is looking like she's ready to replace her high-heels with Birkenstocks and throw out all of her hair products and bulk up on a lot of flannel cutoff shirts. She clearly is just taking a shower and walking outside with soaking wet hair and letting the car airconditioner dry and style it. Hopefully she's keeping her lemons so she can try to rub those freckles out, just like Jan Brady did. At least Jan tried to fix herself and even sported a nice big black wig. Perhaps Lindsay should try that. I mean after all the work that Dina has done to look as gawdy as she possibly can, what a slap in her face. Hundreds of thousands of dollars on tanning, nails, and hair extensions, for what? Lindsay is a disrespectful little lesbian in training.

Don't give up on her Dina! Keep tanning! Never. Stop. Tanning. She'll come back around.

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