Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Operation Sellout Continues

Last week you may recall that IBBB was featured on the MTV blog and was asked questions about past Hills crapisodes. Well, I made the cut for week 2. This time around I was asked the simple question, "Do Stephen and Lauren Still Have a Shot." I am amazed that the other people who contributed to this take it so seriously. Regardless they're legit writers and I'm, well, ghetto so I am honored to just be in their company....or their crapany. Whatever makes the most sense.

Click Here to See How IBBB Answered This Question and Feel Free to Leave a Comment on the MTV Blog Demanding that I Be Added to the Cast and/or Get Invited to the Season Premiere and/or Finale and/or I Get Nothing...Whatever


Anonymous said...

The Hills is like an evil addiction. You know you're dumber for having watched it, but it's like crack. You just keep wanting more. I mean, that's what it looks like a crack addict would think. I don't know, anybody on crack want to chime in?

One more week!

murray said...

so theyve been playing previous seasons of laguna beach on vhi...Stephen was a controlling jealous insecure guy....insanely jealous...and creepy