Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sharon Stone and the Case of the Pin-Striped Cameltoe

Sharon Stone was flashing her trademark peace sign while leaving the Ed Hardy store in Culver City yesterday. She was also flashing her trademark cameltoe to the paparazzi, which I feel should be the new peace sign. It's time to play everyones favorite game, "The ImBringingBloggingBack Cameltoe Rating System....to the Stars!" Ok, so as you know I award up to 5 camels to a celebrity rocking the cameltoe. This time around I'm only giving Sharon one camel out of a possible five because with those pinstriped pants it's really hard to tell if that is 100% camel or are the stripes making her gentlemen greeter into some type of optical illusion. That tricky Sharon! I think Sharon should be pleased with one camel or any award for that matter.

In actual Sharon Stone news....there isn't any. Good day.
Check out other famed celebrity camel toe at the new IBBB and some good old fashion ghost boobs whilst you're at it!


Anonymous said...

Well, toe or no toe, I have to say, she looks pretty damned good in those photos.

I don't know how old she is, but that is the best she's looked in years, in my view.

Always down with the toe shots though. Reminds me of the song "there's no toe like showpeople toe, there's no toe, I know..."

Anonymous said...

Not a cameltoe, just a crotch

I look at Sharon Stone pics said...

I have seen her a few weeks ago