Monday, August 04, 2008

There Has Never Been a More Random Story Than This. Ever. No Really, Never. Ever.

So I decided to take Friday off and have a blog-free day. Clearly, big mistake as the best story and most random event happened on Friday. So can we quickly discuss the FIGHT BETWEEN NIKKI BLONSKY, HER FATHER, and BIANCA FROM AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL!?!

Seriously? I had to read it 3 times because I didn't believe it at all. Apparently the fat chick who knocks tables over when she gets nominated for an Oscar, her dad, and Bianca from ANTM and her mother got into a legit fist fight at a Caribbean airport after, allegedly, the Blonsky's were holding too many seats in the departure area and the ANTM chick and her mom got pissed. Things then escalated and the fists and flab went flying! Blonsky's dad was charged with grevious bodily harm and Nikki and Bianca were charged with assault and bodily harm.

Nikki's dad, Carl, will remain in jail until the bail and hearing are set. Nikki showed up to court wearing a neck brace.

Honestly, I couldn't make any of this up if I tried. Like, if someone paid me $1 million to come up with the most insane and random celebrity story I would not be able to come up with this.

Oh, and you know Tyra is pissssssed right now! Ty Ty teaches the girls to be ladies and not street fighter. I mean, if they're going to fight they should be striking model poses the whole time just like Benny Ninja would teach.

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