Friday, August 15, 2008

This Time Last Year: Angelina Jolie, the Helper.

Happy Friday and welcome back to everyone's favorite lazy segment called "This Time Last Year." This Time Last Year will take a brief look at what was going on in the celebrity world...this time last year (go figure). Oh, and also I'm lazy so this is pretty easy to do on a Friday. Here's what was going on with Angelina Jolie...this time last year...

I think we may have precisely pinpointed the exact moment when Angelina Jolie decided she was over her "charity work." Maybe she should stop adopting kids from all over the world and start spending money fixing peoples teeth. Seriously lady, get "Invisalign" or something. If not, stop smiling or stop doing the "ugly cry" or whatever it is you're doing. It doesn't look pretty in pictures.

Anyway, Angelina hauled ass to Iraq and listened to people bitch at a refugee camp. Actually that is pretty nice. I don't want to be mean or anything, but this lady shouldn't be complaining so much. I mean, how big can her problems be? There's a war in Iraq. Oh wait.

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