Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tori Spelling Dresses Up Because, You Know, That's What You Do

Clearly money was no object on the People Magazine "set" for Tori Spelling and her husband to reennact famous couples from yesteryear. Tossing on some vintage clothes and dropping a green screen in the background is all you need. Tori and Dean dressed up, from what I hear, for a music video they were shooting for their reality show because, you know, you need a music video. Tori, time to hang up the reality show and put all of your focus on bringing back Donna Martin, specifically the scene where Ray tossed you down the flight of stairs. I'll be waiting.

Here's who these two are posing as:
  • Tori played the role of Cher with her rack-attack hanging out and Dean did his best Sony. Apprently Sony used to snap his fingers a lot? Great acting, Dean.

  • Next up Tori played Courtney Love and Dean played Kurt Cobain. Nice job holding the guitar. Very believable.

  • Finally, Tori played the role of Lucille Ball, in which apparently Lucy used to pose like that. On the other side, Dean played the role of.....Phil Hartman?

Seriously, what is the reasoning behind this? And how much are they getting paid for this. Yes, I'm jealous. I would dress up as the entire cast of 90210 and The Hills for $19.99 and chicken soft taco.

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Jeannette said...

that has to be the ugliest Lucy I've every laid my holy eyes on....I mean that woman is ugly and her boobs are all fat and orange, they look like melted cheese you find in tacos and it looks like she just molded them into her dress

JDizzle said...

Hell to the yes jeannette. It has to be horribly illegal to be that ugly. But on a brighter note for some f-ed up reason I can't help but watch her show. I think it has to do with that "rubberneck effect" like when you pass a really bad car wreck and you have to slow down and inspect but clearly not stop to help. Yeah so I'm ok with the fact that I'm most likely going to hell :)

Natalie said...

In the third pic, I believe Dean is supposed to be Wayne Newton. It's an incredible likeness!