Friday, August 08, 2008

Ugh! Tori Spelling Doing Other Things Besides Being Donna Martin

Seriously enough is enough! Tori Spelling was out with her two kids, Liam and Stella, wearing what I can only assume is a nightie and I'm pissed! I no longer need to see Tori with her kids or basically doing anything else but practicing to be the best up-to-date Donna Martin she can be. This will include wearing big dresses in which she is not able to sit, getting thrown down a flight of stairs by Ray Pruitt, and telling the world she is a dyslexic virgin. Oh, and not being able to graduate since she got trashed off of champagne at the prom. She should ONLY be photographed doing those things.

Similar to the "Best Brenda Walsh Quotes" I am adding the "Best Donna Martin Quotes." Enjoy. Oh, and I'm a loser. Enjoy!

  1. I was brought up believing I'd wait till I got married. I just can't wipe that all out because of how my body feels.

  2. What's left for me? Dye my hair? Get a boob job?

  3. I promise I wouldn't get in the way, I'll be like Yoko Ono or something.

  4. So I was blitz shopping Melrose yesterday, and I see Jockey for her, Calvin Klein for her, BVD for her. Now I don't get it, I mean I don't see them making Maidenform for him.

  5. If your looking for a wild night, I'm not your girl, okay?

  6. So, anyone know any good divorce songs?

  7. Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates! (fine she technically didn't say it)

  8. Owwwwwww! (when Ray pushes her down the flight of stairs)

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