Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Us Weekly Continues Their Reign on Ridiculous Questions

Us Weekly is at it again! Remember that time when no one asked you if you wanted to babysit Maddox and his five siblings? Remember what a sad time in your life that was? Well grey skies are gonna clear up because, boy, does Us Weekly have the most pointless question for you! What would you say if someone, who has no relation to Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt and also could not make this actually happen under any stretch of the imagination, but wanted to know if you would be willing to babysit Maddox and his five siblings? How would you answer this irrelevant question? While I would reply "yes" as I would take that opportunity to rummage through Angelina's underpants drawer, almost 71% of people said "no." This 71%, in question, would please not like to be hired by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as their pretend babysitter.

While 71% said no, 100% are all equally retarded for answering in the first place. I'm wicked pissah at math!

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