Thursday, August 07, 2008

Will Someone Buy Winnie Cooper's God Damn Math Book So She Goes Away?!

Ugh. When I saw Winnie Cooper I just assumed she must have been joining the cast of 90210 or promoting the concept of "The Wonder Years: 90's Edition" (which doesn't exist, but should). However, Winnie Cooper who looks exactly the same as when she was 12, is promoting her new book called, "Kiss My Math." You know what, Winnie, maybe if you held the book a little lower I would kiss your math. I'm going to cut a hole out of the middle of that book, put Mr Winky Claus through it, and tell her to shake my science. Seriously what!?

Anycoop, Winnie, whose name is apparently Danika McKellar, is trying to teach girls that it's cool to know math. That's a far better concept for a book than the one I'm writing for young girls called, "Strippers Get Tippers." Math is cool, but the pole is so High School Musical 5. See how I made a HSM reference to really connect with the kids? I'm innovative. Ole!


Andy said...

I’ll bet that the words “Pythagorean Theorem” make her panties drop. I’ll have to stalk her and find out. Shouldn't she be starring in some direct to DVD National Lampoon movie instead of writing books?

The Kilted Yaksman said...

Wow, you guys are fucking idiots. The young lady is a very bright mathematician, trying to promote math to more people, and all you 'tards can do is make sexist comments. That's ok boys, one of these days most of the acne will clear up, your testicles will drop, and you might actually have a chance of growing up.