Thursday, September 11, 2008

America's Next Top Model 11 - A Racist Girl Hangs From a Ladder

Jenny has checked in to IBBB to recap the latest episode of America's Next Top Model. Here's what she said went down last night:
  • Tyra Mail arrives! Yeeeeeee! It reads: Don't get it twisted....Sorry Tyra, this whole show is already twisted. Nice try. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me...and you.
  • Nice. It's Benny Ninja, pose coach the stars! He presents the girls with a black box...(not the airplane kind) and inside is a woman. Boo! It's Bree Robertson, model/contortionist. Whatever, stupid/stupid.
  • For the practice session, the girls wrap themselves up in extra large red scarves and "extreme pose." I'm not that impressed as my one year old also does this.
  • Back at the "eco-friendly is fierce" house, the girls hop into the pool. Someone put a tent over this circus...Sheena shows us ass-dance moves, Clark and Elina play kissy face and Hannah pushes Isis. When the girls ask why she pushed Isis, Hannah says she is a stereotypical white girl and doesn't want people dancing on her all HEYYYYYYYYYYYY! Good luck with the African America girls in the house Hannah.
  • P.S.- Bad editing here as Nikeysha has on the blue eye shadow from the photo shoot that has yet to take place.
  • In other developments, Analeigh makes chicken noises while Isis gives herself hormone shots. There's a sentence that I bet has never been said, ever.
  • This week's challenge has the girls auditioning for a jewelry and handbag designer. They have to model accessories and make 'em POP The winner gets a bag, or something.
  • Elina wins the challenge. Let's face it Elina, competition wasn't that fierce. People were posing with bags and rings on their feet, teeth and crotch.
  • An irate Hannah can't believe they are referring to her as a racist, and through snotty tears says "that's not very nice" Sure...and the war in Iraq is an "inconvenience"
  • She also says it's like gang rape and gang violence. Ok so which is it, gang rape or just not nice?
  • Tyra's minions are doing their photo shoot up in a hot air balloon, hanging off a ladder. Who will be the girl with mascara tears running down their face because they are afraid of heights???
  • Hey, prop guy...cancel the hot air balloon. It's too windy up there so looks like they'll be hanging from a back hoe. (no pun intended)
  • What the hell is Sheena? Besides crazy. I don't understand her at all...
  • Um, Tarina Tarantino...why is your hair a hot pink bowl-like cut?
  • Ok kids, gather 'round. Story time with Tyra, It wouldn't be a judging without a quick parable of how Tyra overcame her challenges as a model. Challenges such as holding her pose so long that she would shake. Bor-ing.
  • Mean-a Paulina asks Sheena if her breasts are fake. No Ma'am!
  • Oh wait....hold the comes Sheena stepping out of the crowd....Evidently they ARE fake. Tyra says she knew it all along (Tyra is legally a genius) and was glad she stepped forward and TOLD........THE..........TRUTH.........Tyra is good people. Or not...Okay, she is.
  • Nikeysha and Isis are in the bottom two...So who stays? Will it be the girl who needs a Big Mac, large fry and a chocolate shake? Or the girl who's not quite yet a girl, but is a girl, but is almost a girl?
  • here! Someone take this girl to a drive through at 3 AM after 6 beers, STAT.


Anonymous said...

Isn't referring to that confrontation (with a girl who said that she is the "stereotypical white girl") as gang violence racist?! I'm not even "ethnic" and I see that. That was really messed up. Hannah, face it. You are very racist and you are victimizing yourself. The inability to see your privilege is racist in itself. On top of that, you, from your words and actions, are clearly racist. I'm glad I don't have to be around you!

Anonymous said...

I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt especially when it comes to things I hear or see on the television. I think that it is important to remember that pieces of film can be clips together spun to accentuate certain view points.

However, I found what Hannah's behaviors and comments to be very prejudice. She seems to have a problem with African Americans and transgendered individuals. She crossed the line when she said that the "confrontation" what like gang rape or gang violence.


Hannah is a racist.

Not only does she stereotype herself as a white girl but she stereotypes African Americans. She seems uncomfortable with herself and her "small town" life. Hannah needs to deal with her insecurities. Also, just because you come from a small time does not mean that your ignorance should be excused.