Thursday, September 04, 2008

IBBB + LA = Some Math Number

Thanks all for the many many emails whilst I was away. Who knew people actually gave a crap. LA was a good-old-time as it typically is. Here's a quick break down on who I saw while away:

  1. Janice Dickinson: Janice walked into the Starbucks I was at on Sunset Blvd. Now I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but she didn't look bad at all. She stared right at me so I assume she was going to "discover me" but no luck. She walked in with some old man, hand-in-hand, and actually sat down and ate there reading the newspaper and yelling out loud how "it's a dog-eat-dog world." No clue. Then she was talking very loudly about how she was no longer doing anything without monetary compensation. I'm not sure what other type of compensation there is. Oh wait....

  2. Gordon Ramsay: I was walking by The Ivy and he was sitting there eating. Seriously? He's a world class chef and is eating at The Ivy. No offense, but their food isn't that great. That dudes head is huge. That's all.

  3. Stacey Keibler: Having drinks at STK on La Cienega. No joke, she's even hotter in person and tall as all hell. Good for her. I tried to hear what she was saying, but almost fell off my chair.

  4. Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner: Jackpot! These two were having dinner at STK. To see his 1988 Tijuana face-lift in person was worth me flying 6 hours to LA. Watching that feathered hair flow in the wind while he walked was a dream come true. Some waitress ran out after them and kept shaking their hand.

  5. Ben Savage: Random. He was at KOI eating and then went to the bar for a drink. I thought of yelling out "Where's Topenga?" but I assumed he was already asked that 4 times that night.

  6. Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, Sean Stewart, Rod's wife (blanking on her name) and Tommy Lee: All together having dinner at KOI for Sean's birthday. Kim had on some retarded hat. Seriously, how is Tommy Lee in the Stewart mix? When he walked by me I'm pretty sure I caught Hep C.
  7. Melina Kanakardes: She and some friends were sitting behind us at the Chateau Marmont. She was talking about renting some 6 bedroom house for this insane vacation. Rich people are way more interesting than me and they're actually better than me just because they have money.

  8. Chelsea Handler: Me and my friends got to sit front row at her show, "Chelsea Lately" and then I was brought up to her dressing room to interview her. Seriously, insane. I'll post the interview early next week. She was insanely nice and had a fun conversation!


JDizzle said...

It was a boring week while you were gone! Happy you had a good time but even happier that your back. Ok that is as sappy as I get :)

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! Can we expect a double Harriet Carter next week?! x

Anonymous said...

I cannnotttttttttttttt effin believe u met Chelsea Handler. OMFG!!! Umm why do we have to wait til next wk ton read about it?! =( Pls tell me u got an invite to be on the (newly extended, sometimes) round-table!? One can only hope. I'm so0 happy that u got to meet her; if she wasn't dating a 60yr old, I think u guys would make an awesome couple ;)

Anonymous said...

ditto jdizzle, it was boring while you were gone. This is one of my favorite blogs! Sounds like you had an awesome trip.

IBBB said...

Well gracias (that means "thanks" in Spanish).

I will post the Chelsea interview on Hills Tuesday! I was very professional with my store-bought tape recorder and printed out sheet of questions that may or may not have included a little something about Kimmy Gibbler. Stay tuned!


P.s Thanks for the kind and probably drunk words, everyone!


P.P.S Harriet Carter will be back at it's regularly scheduled time.


Laura said...

DUDE, when i went to LA the only person i saw was Larry King :( JACKPOT!

Taylor said...

IBBB, I've lived in CA all my life, I've never seen that many 'good' people, ever. The tijuana face lift is KILLER. OMG.

Its so true, so sad, but so true, he looks horrible.
You totally scored. The only thing to make it better would have to seen ANYONE from the Hills. Or Kristin, whatever.