Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...In Other News...

4 dudes walk into a bar.....In other news.....

~ Everyone Hates Sienna Miller ~ ABH
~ Dakota Fanning All Grown Up ~ Websters
~ Megan Fox Looking Skankified ~ CS
~ Lynne Spears on the Today Show ~ POTP
~ Maria Bello Attacked By Moth ~ Ayyyy
~ New Girls Next Door Shows? ~ BS
~ Marisa Miller Makes Me Happy ~ BB


anonymous :-) said...

hahahaha, im obsessed with this blog.

marita said...

tyra talks about self impowerment and self worth, yet, she has three whores on her show who are famous for 1. a sex tape that ends with someone urinating on someone else
2. a woman who got a dui than showed up to jail in full drag 3. another girl who wines constantly...uhhh such a hypocrite