Monday, September 22, 2008

Is Claire Huxtable Losing Her Dress?

The Cosby's better not be trying to pull this crap over on us again! The last time we saw Claire Huxtable looking like this they were trying to cover up the fact that she was pregnant. You may have fooled me with placing oversized pillows over her while she sat on the couch or made Claire carry grocery bags while walking through the kitchen so we couldn't see her baby bump, but we knew it was there. Oh we knew!

Phylicia Rashad attended The British Academy of Film and Television Arts 6th Annual TV Tea Party at the Intercontinental Hotel in LA over the weekend. Should someone let her know that her dress is almost around her ankles? Eh, screw it. Let that dress fall right off so we can all see Phylicia's "Rudy Huxtable."

Seeing this photo of Claire Huxtable makes me want to chugga-lug, chugga-lug, chugga-lug!

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