Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jodie Sweetin's Reality Show: Jesus Claus Has Answered My Prayers!

Dust off the meth on Mr Bear because Jodie Sweetin and her husband, Cody, are in the process of filming their very own reality show. I've prayed to both Jesus Claus and Santa Christ that this reality show would, in fact, happen and it looks like we are so close to seeing it. The only minor problem is that a network hasn't picked it up yet. Network schmetwork. Put it on YouTube and I'll still recap the ever loving piss out of it.

According to Stephanie Tanner the show will follow Jodie, her husband, and their new baby. Sounds riveting. However, then Jodie really put the nail in the coffin when she said that her new show was kind of like "Tori and Dean" but with a little more rock and roll. Ugh. More rock and roll than Tori and Dean? Doubtful. Perhaps Jodie hasn't seen Tori and Dean's music video?

While Jodie is in talks with "many" networks, she did namedrop VH1 as one of them. Please just don't let it be the Hallmark Channel. I made a personal vow to myself to never turn it on.

Hopefully this show will also show Stephanie Judith Tanner dressing up, again, as Connie Chung and dropping the "how rude" bomb every 4 minutes. Also, any way to incorporate Mr Bear, Gia, Gia's makeout party, and possibly "The Jess Man" into the show will surely win it an Emmy next year. I. Can't. Wait. To. Recap. This. Show. I am a complete loser and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

i also hope she still has her honey bee costume!

maybe kimmy gibbler or dj will make a cameo..this would complete my life.