Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looks Like Someone is Camera Ready to Be Tossed Down a Flight of Stairs by Ray Pruit!

I know I'm going to get crap for this, but I think Tori Spelling is looking good. Ok, I must confess something. Who reads the book The Secret? Me too. So they say you should put positivity out there then you can get things you want in return. I want Donna Martin back, ok. I said it. I want Donna Martin back in the new 90210. I want more Donna Martin graduates. I want more Donna Martin getting tossed down a flight of stairs by Ray Pruit. I want more Donna Martin in sexy lingerie with red hair whilst laying on the bed waiting to give it up to David Silver. I want more Donna Martin catching her mom having an affair. I want more Donna Martin wearing crazy prom outfits that don't allow her to sit down. There are all the things I want. So, I'm putting positive Tori Spelling vibes out there so that this happens. We'll see if it works. Scratch that. We'll see WHEN it works.

Anymartin, Tori Spelling and her husband spent a little time on rojo carpet at the TV Guide Emmy Afterparty. I'm not sure why there are half-dead flowers on the ground behind her, but I'll let that slide. Although, I'm almost certain that flowers do fall out of Tori's vaginastein. Uh-oh, that doesn't hurt her chances of coming back to 90210 does it? Drat.

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Taylor said...

Tori Spelling is not that bad. Her 2 reality shows are pretty decent, and I really liked NoTORIous. It was good.

Its ok to like her IBBB, it really is. ;D