Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh God, Where Do I Go With This One

Look, even I'm not going to make some dumb joke about these kids. IBBB does, in fact, have a heart....contrary to popular belief. I just think that these kids have already suffered enough. To have to sit there and pretend that they're happy to see Heidi and Steve Sanders is just like adding salt to the wound.

I mean, what kind of example are Heidi and Steve Sanders to these kids anyway? It's like having Omarosa swing by the burn unit. Why? They could have had Whitney visit the kids as she at least is a good example. She may not be the smartest, but at least she is wholesome, positive, and hard working.

I don't even know how this was set up. I'm sure Heidi just happened to be at the hospital getting another layer shaved off her chin and added to her rack and then she probably saw some photographers down the hallway and jumped behind the wheelchair. I want to see the security camera tape because I'd bet my life that's how it went down.


Anonymous said...

What no comment about Ryan Seacrest?

Holly West said... know people are douches when they supercede any type of comment about Ryan Seacrest! Especially from you!

Valerie said...

Ohh geeeez. Ryan Seacrest ALWAYS has those two freaks on his morning show. Every Tuesday he has someone from The Hills. They were broadcasting from a children's hospital and those two were "guests" that morning. Aye.

Anonymous said...

Using sick children for free publicity wow! How low can you go?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, just when these kids were going to maybe recover, they have to see these assholes. Poor kids!!