Monday, September 29, 2008

Teef and Tats Patridge Hit the MGM Grand Pool

Luck be a dead-eyed lady tonight! Teef and Tats Patridge hosted the Bombay Sapphire event at the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand in Vegas over the weekend. What a real treat it must have been for the guests by the pool to experience double the Audrina for 4 whole hours. Audrina hosted this event by doing such things as standing, sitting whilst holding a drink, flashing her blindingly white teeth (that actually helped bring in a few planes overhead), and sticking her chest out at just the right times. This, my friends, is all you really need to be a successful host of any party. Take a note.

Tats Patridge was also a sight to be seen. All those tattoos really bring that bikini to life and I'm sure she'll never regret them. I also know that this time of year in Vegas is frighteningly cold so it makes total sense that she's wearing that knitted hat while at the pool. This way she won't catch a cold. Since she, clearly, likes things permanently attached to her body I saw we force her to cement that dumb hat do her dumb head. Who's with me? Forget the Doublemint Twins, these two are the DoubleDouche Sisters.

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Anonymous said...

Double the grossness.