Monday, September 29, 2008

"What's His Face" Makes Funny Face at Paparrazi

Britney, her dad, and her two kids, "What's His Face" and "The Other One" all enjoyed a nice dinner the other night in sunny Los Angeles. Speaking of angels, "What's His Face" really let the paparazzi know what he thinks of them by sticking out his tounge, presumably followed by shitting his pants. "The Other One" just kinda hung out there while "What's His Face" pitched an absolute fit while some random lady held him like football.

Regardless, I'm officially on the "Britney Spears Bandwagon" again, but strictly based on the fact that she looks good again. Some people call that "superficial" but I call it "Really Superficial." I mean, I'd still need Britney to take a bath in tub filled with bleach and Pinesol just to make sure she was cleaned up from whatever the hell she did to herself at the beginning of the year, but I'd still play reindeer games with her.

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