Monday, October 27, 2008

Brandon Walsh and Tootie! There's a Sentence I Never Thought I'd Say.

So what brings Brandon Walsh and Tootie Ramsey together? AIDS. Brandon and Tootie were just some of the stars on the red carpet at the AIDS Foundation's 15th Annual Dream Halloween Benefit in Santa Monica, CA over the weekend.

There were some other celebrities there, but to me, these two were the most important. I am, however, angry that Tootie wasn't on rollerskates. Rude.

Brandon was dressed up as some sort of British park ranger? And Tootie was dressed up as Kim Fields. She nailed it.


Anonymous said...

British park ranger???

He's Canadian, he's supposed to be dressed as a Mountie. Not original, but probably the most obvious Canadian sterotype, at least try and have a clue while being ignorant.

IBBB said...

Yeah no crap. That was the joke. Oh, and Tootie is not really dressed as Kim Fields, as Tootie is only a character played by Kim Fields.

Now get the hell out of here before I call the cops on you.