Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can You Guess What My Question Would Be?

Ross! Ross! David? David Schwimmer! Are the Friends really friends? Never old, my friends. It. Never. Gets. Old.

David Schwimmer looks like Ross with a cold at the Labyrinth Theater Company's 6th Annual Gala Benefit. Why are the names of these things so long? You don't really hear about Ross that much any more. I wonder if he's still with Rachel? I hear she's pregnant with John Mayer's baby. Does that make the unborn baby and Emma half-sisters? What about Ben? Sometimes I get confused with reality and the actual show Friends. What's real and what isn't? Eh, who cares?! Just as long as the Friends are really friends, that's all that matters.

Gas prices and Sarah Palin's eyeglasses. That'll be all. Oh, and energy policy. That's all.

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