Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun with SPAM!

IBBB loves his SPAM. No really, I love when I get it. Here's a little something that was written about as well as can be that was emailed to me today:


How are you today?,I hope you are fine.If so thank be to God almighty. My name is Rose Nicol,23 years from Angola in Southern Africa.I am single girl looking for honest and nice person.
Somebody who care and respect God,and have regards for humanity. I don't care about your colour or ethnicity.I would like to know you more,most especially what you likeand what you dislike.I'm sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.I am looking forward to hear from you, again.Thanks and be blessed.

Love from, Rose
Wow! What a real treat. Since I am a huge tool I decided to write back to Rose. Here's what I sent:

Dearest Rose,

You are right, this is a beautiful mail. I just finished thanking God Almighty since I am doing fine, thanks for asking. The way you randomly place commas and question marks in the middle of sentences make me want to know you more too.

In regards to what I like and what I dislike, I've listed them below. I hope we have these in common.

Likes: Emails from Rose, The Hills, The Red Sox, Homeless people with a sense of humor, birds with one working wing, question marks, typing "etc," maps, ski goggles, and sending money overseas to Liberian diplomats who email me.

Dislikes: People who say "supposebly," stop signs, coffee grounds on the bottom of my iced coffee, lepers, cow bells, girls names Rose from South Africa, timetables

Write me back when you finished digging up yams.

Luke-Warm Regards,


ashley said...

i laughed out loud on that one, my coworker had to come in to see what was so funny.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! - your ol' friend who told you that really funny/ironic story about our fave "model"...I'll have to email you some updated info soon!