Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Stupids! Gotta Question for IBBB?

A spinoff of "Spencer's Busy...Let IBBB Take a Message," IBBB is proud to present you with "Hey Stupids! Gotta Question for IBBB?" Here's how this works. You have a question or need advice, you send me an email. I read it. I advise. Sometime, depending on my mood, I advice as well. Here are some recent questions/comments I've received. The names have been changed to protect the trashy.

Dear IBBB,
I love reading your blog and read it every day, but sometimes you get a little too mean, especially when you write mean things about kids. Be nice!


Dear Roberta,
Stop being a big whore baby and loosen the F up. Jesus! We're at war right now and there's about $14.00 left in the stock market. Whose is it, by the way. Anycrap, I once saw this wooden sign in someones white trash kitchen that said something like, "Live, Love, Laugh Often." Let me ask you something, Roberta, if you take out the "Laugh," the "Live" and the "Love" what are you left with? That's right. "Often." Just "Often" as much as you can and everything else will turn out right. Oh, by the way, from the sounds of your email to me you sound like you need to have some of "the sex" that people are having. Just don't get knocked up and have a kid because I'll probably make fun of that stupid kid too. Thanks for the email and I hope this helped.

Go F Your Mother,

Dear IBBB,
How come you never make fun of politics on imbringingbloggingback?

Poopy Pants

Dear Poopy Pants,
Please capitalize ImBringingBloggingBack. Thanks. Back to your question. Politics is something that can't always be joked about due to the severity of the effects that each individual politician may have to endure. With an American Crisis (I just coined that) on our hands sometimes making light of it can actually make things worse. Oh, I'm totally kidding. I'm way too stupid to come up with anything funny in regards to politics. I typically just vote "Yes" on #2 and write in "Your Mother" on the ballot on election day. Sometimes I even call it "erection day." I'm charming like that.

Stupid Question,

Dear IBBB,
Do you have any other blogging friends?

Tootie Ramsey

Dear Tootie,
Of course I do! I added an exclamation point to the end of that to show intensity and excitement in my answer. Now, I mean I've never met any of the other bloggers but there are a handful that I enjoy emailing with on a regular basis. I consider myself in the "ghetto blogger" category. I'm the kind of blog that gets no love from the "bigger" bloggers since they are all out to make money and I'm, well, I'm out to just make some people laugh....and myself laugh. I tend to mix better with the other bloggers that share the same feeling. However, I will sell my wretched heart to Satin Claus to reach a bigger audience. Oh, and stop being so nosy.

Never again,

Gotta question for IBBB? Email it. Or don't. Either way, I'm not losing sleep over this.


Girls Talk Blogged Celebrity News said...

What the! Easy dude, you'll break her back.

Celebrity Scoop said...

Kudos to your site. Hope you can also visit my blog @ Celebrity News On the GO

Anonymous said...

you are so hilarious!!