Friday, October 31, 2008

...In Other News...

Looks like their multimillion dollar created minds banded together and decided on being firefighters for Halloween.

Happy Halloween to all the IBBB readers out there! I'll be passing out apples with razor blades inside of them, as I love this holiday. Be safe, scare kids, and crap your pants!

In other news....

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Anonymous said...

So they went with sexy firefighters instead of Egyptians or chocolate chip cookies. I feel a little sad.

Anonymous said...

Like I was saying you NEED to make Paris Hilton BFF recaps, seriously. There are some girls crying for some reason, a girl who seems to be a boy with a frog head, it's just brilliant. And the show is SO fake, it's amazing. And the best is, that it's like on The Hills this time latly, everything is fake and staged, but litteraly NOTHING happen. Except last time this chick treaten an other chick to and I quote "stabb her on the stomach because you're a fucking racist, asian people don't only make nails". Whatever don't try to understand. I'm like your biggest french fan.

shelia said...

This is my first time on your blog. I love it. I like your humor.