Monday, October 13, 2008

Jamie Lynn Remains Flexible While Shopping

Jamie Lynn has resurfaced in Mississippi over the weekend at the Hee-Haw Supermarket! Seriously, Mississippi must be like hell for the paparazzi. 11 year old Bindi Lynn Spears sported a brown t-shirt that says "Yoga Keeps Me Flexible." I believe that on the back of the t-shirt it said, "....Because I Got a Lot More F*#king to Do."

My favorite pictures consist of the one where JLS is standing in front of the Aussie hairspray because I always assume that she stinks of the stuff and my other favorite is the one where it looks like JLS is about to toss the folded up baby carriage onto the side of the road. Not so fast Jaime, or as they say in Spanish, "Jamie." We're watching you!

1 comment:

Taylor said...

OMG ! I just noticed this. Look at the first pic, Jamie Lynn looks like she has rope burns around her neck... 'ligature marks' as you would say on CSI. hahahaha.

What the hell ? she is already trying to take a dirt nap ?