Friday, October 10, 2008

A Moment to Reflect

I've already posted this last week and don't have anything else to contribute to the story, but I'd like to take this opportunity to say that 1 week later I am still laughing at the fact that Bianca from America's Next Top Model told Tyra Banks on the Tyra Banks Show that Nikki Blonsky kicked her mother in the vagina at a Caribbean airport and then her mother had to sit on her to make her stop. It's still pure comedy to me.

Over the weekend, if/when someone aggravates you please either (1) tell them that you'll kick them in the vagina or (2) You'll "Blonsky" them.

That'll be all. Carry on with your day.



Kristine said...

i am totally telling people this weekend that i will "Blonsky" them. this story is too outrageous not to continually discuss. so glad you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I just Blonsky'd my friend's loser ex. Do you post bail???

Taylor said...

The Blonsky and Reverse Blonsky.

Love it.

She liked getting kicked in the vaj anyway, she should just say it.