Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paul Pierce Joins the New Kids on the Block

In case you haven't heard, New Kids on the Block have been touring their asses off like nobodies business. I may even know a few people who went to go and see them while they played the Garden in Boston recently. These people in question will not be named.

Anyway, according to these people who went, NKOTB played for about 2 hours, sang about 6 of their new songs and the rest of the time they played the old favorites such as.....and.....and also. Natasha Bedingfield opened up the concert and probably played The Hills song 3 times in a row and called it a night. However, at the end NKOTB came out for 2 encores which consisted of Hangin' Tough and Step by Step. The best part of the night according to reports was when Paul Pierce came on stage showing the Celtics championship trophy to endless cheers and a few spilled beers.
What the hell is wrong with the kid who looks like a vampire? Wait. Maybe he is a vampire.


andy said...

Jeez louise, is everything in Boston just annoying as hell? No wonder everyone else hates that city.

Becca said...

Well, now you've officially done it. If you weren't my favorite blogger before (actually you were) you are now as you have included this post! I would like to offer my recap services to your website and will be happy to recap the NKOTB concert when it comes to Kansas City. Don't worry, I promise to refer to all 5 of the boys as vampires throughout the post.