Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So That's Olivia Palermo, But, Uh, That's Not Me Standing Next To Her

Geesh! Olivia Palermo has been my imaginary girlfriend ever since I've seen a clip of her in the new Hills spinoff, "The City" and she's already cheating on me. I bet Whitney's not a cheater. Just sayin'.

Olivia Palermo was at Dylan's Candy Bar on 3rd Ave in NYC the other day. I'm not sure why she was there or why people were taking pictures, but I'm totally pissed that she didn't ask me to go and she hasn't even reached out to greet me yet. A couple of more disses like this from her, I may not be so nice to her when I recap the absolute piss out of The City when it premieres soon. I mean, I may have to make fun of her anorexic legs. What? I said, "I may" I didn't say I definitely was going to.

Clean it up, Olivia, or we may have to end our fauxlationship.

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