Friday, October 24, 2008

Stop Teasing Us and Just Use the Gun Already!

First of all if you're not going to play "Murder/Suicide" than I don't want to see these pictures. Second of all, I don't care why these pictures were actually taken...there is no part of me that believes that Heidi Montag can read more than 4 words (boobs, nose, chin, lips). Third of all, I'm waiting for the pictures in which Spencer/Steve Sanders finishes that 6 pack of WhiteTrasheiser bottles and pummels the ever living pee pee out of Chin Montag.

Stuff her body in that blue bag and then the both of you can jump off that cliff behind you.

I'm just playing. Keep doing The Hills. Thanks.


Debbie said...

You should play the game...How Many Things Can You Find Wrong With This Picture? Only Steve Sanders would carry a six pack in one hand and a shot gun in the other. And exactly where and what is he going to shoot? Could he look anymore like a redneck from Tennessee? And I can say that because I am a redneck from Tennessee! And how many of us believe that Heidi is really reading that book? You know she changed the book jacket ... she's really reading Dr. Rey's Guide to Plastic Surgery Procedures Gone Wrong!

K8 said...

Check out the look on Heidi's face. You can tell she is having trouble reading the words.