Friday, November 21, 2008

...In Other News...

I like how because Britney has lost a little weight and hasn't worn 4 different wigs in the past few months that people say "she's back!" I also like how her rack is trying to escape her vest while she attends a screening of her upcoming MTV documentary. In other news...

~ George Clooney Attempting to Play a Dance Form of Basketball ~ ABH
~ Is That a 3rd Olsen? Shecky Olsen, Perhaps? ~ Websters
~ A Britney Commercial ~ CS
~ Brandy Lost Pieces of Her Pants ~ Ayyyy
~ How Much Does Madonna Get to Keep? ~ POTP
~ What's Wrong With Tisdale? ~ IDWYL
~ Paris is Back on the Market. Hide Your PeePee ~ FB
~ Ronson Will Kill You ~ DSF


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to watch Britney's train wreck documentary. That will be a few hours I will never get back in my life - but worth it!

Anonymous said...

This just in...Stephanie Tanner is getting a divorce. You should see if you can score a date.