Monday, November 17, 2008

The Jodie Sweetin Book. IBBB's Dream Come to Life.

Looks like StepOnMe Tanner is no longer the awkward duckling, as today she as transformed into an awkward swan. Magic. Jodie Sweetin, apparently sporting red car paint on her lips, was looking slim and trim on the red carpet of the 15th Annual Lint Roller Party (Best Friends Animal Society) in Hollywood, California. Surprising not her arm was Mr. Bear. I've put out an ABP on Mr. Bear and hope he returns safe and sound.

Us Weekly took a breath from blowing the cast of The Hills and decided to speak with Stephanie Tanner about what was going on in her life. Besides the possibility of a reality show (pray to Jesus Claus this happens) and her daughter who is starting to babble and has 4 teeth (who cares), Jodie has a book coming out some time in 2009! Sweet(in)! Oh crap, they should call it that!
How did Jodie lose all the baby weight you ask? NutriSystem and daily TV workouts. My guess? Back to meth. Ok, low blow. Oh, maybe blow?

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Mrs. IBBB said...

Someone needs to teach her how to stand for the camera's. She looks like a mannequin, a very awkward mannequin.

elaine said...

hahahaha luv it mr. bear

movie buff said...

i used to watch that show... terrible one-liners