Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Jodie Sweetin Divorce = IBBB's Opportunity

After receiving an alarming number of emails from readers and phone calls from friends, IBBB has be alerted that Stephanie Tanner has officially split from her husband. According to a close friend, Mr. Bear is a two-timing bastard.

Jodie StepOnMe Tanner Sweetin has filed papers late last week in Orange Country, CA for legal separation from her husband of 16-months.

Seriously, this better not put a wrench in the reality show plans or I'm going to be really pissed. Perhaps this is just part of the reality-show storyline. Either way, I'm in the process of packing up my bags and heading out to LA to finally get my chance at (1) Sweetin (2) Be Part of the Reality Show (3) Kidnap Mr. Bear (4) Try to orchestrate a Full House reunion (5) Rub all of this in Kimmy Gibbler's face.

If Stephanie Judith Tanner Chung ends up getting an actual divorce hopefully she'll follow in the same footsteps of her chunky sister, DJ, and get divorced by walking backwards around the kitchen table. If it works for Greek weddings it should work for Jodie.

What a terrible time. Someone dig up Papouli and see if he can fix this crap. How rude!

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Jessica said...

Yes! I remember that episode when DJ walked backwards around the table!
Good work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gia will be there to console her.

Anonymous said...

That "husband" looks like a huge creeper anyway

Taylor said...

Guess she didn't notice he's ghey.

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