Monday, November 03, 2008

Looks Like Someone Shared Her Teeth Whitening Kit!

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean that our favorite skank-bags from The Hills can't share their creative costumes and minds with us. Lauren clearly borrowed Audrina's teeth whitening kit so that she could come alive in her festive flapper costume. However, all the Halloween makeup in the world can't seem to hide my favorite three lines underneath each of her eyes.

Next up, Audrina showed off her Halloween rack with a scary peacock outfit. My guess was close though, as I assumed Audrina would have dressed up as a cockpig. Cockpig...peacock....same thing. Has this peacock been run over on and left for dead on the side of the highway because she looks like death warmed over to me!

Finally we have LOser. LOser really outdid herself by dressing as Little Inbred Riding Hood. Hopefully her night ended with a Goldie Locks and the Big Bad Wolf threesome. And then was killed.

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Valerie said...

wasn't Lauren a flapper a few years ago???