Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim's Restraining Order Against Lisa? Hold On to Your Wig!

Oh snap! Hold on to your white Fraggle wig! There's even more drama going down off the set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It appears that Lisa and Kim are going at it during the reunion show. Take cover, NeNe, they're coming after you next!

According to Lisa, "I've been extremely diplomatic and there are horrible things I could have said but I have chosen not to and still do. When you come after my integrity or my family, then you're going to see a different person."

In regards to the reunion show Lisa said, "People will be surprised because I was surprised and somewhat embarrassed myself, but I'm human and you have to let people know that they can't just say whatever they want to you."

Holy crap! Bring on the reunion show!

Meanwhile, back at Kim's house, Kim allowed TMZ to listen to voicemail that Lisa allegedly left for Kim that says that Kim better call her back before she sees her because she's not Sheree, she's not NeNe, she's not "the one." Then she ended the message by saying, "You need to call me. I might just be coming to your house!"

Kim was also present with her "lawyer" who looks as classy and professional as Kim. The only thing that was missing from the TMZ scene was Kim's White Zinfandel and pack of Newports. Come on, Kim, get it together. Don't disappoint me! Anycrap, the "lawyer" talked about Kim fearing for the safety of herself and her kids.....and her wig?

Kim also was sure to mention that she and Sheree were filming a movie with Demi Moore. While most don't believe it, I do. And I also found this picture of Kim, Demi, and Sheree. You're welcome.

What do you guys think about all this drama? Would the Houswives of the OC or New York bring it to this level? Sadly, no. This is more fun.

Listen to Lisa's voicemail to Kim Here.

Read the rest of what Lisa had to say Here

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Debbie said...

I can't wait for the reunion show! Do you think Lisa calls Kim out for her bad wig, bad singing, lying about her age, Big Poppa, her alcohol problem, her fake friendship with Sheree, only living in a condo instead of a mansion?!? There's so many possibilities! And I thought they were "friends" because she was the first one to run to tell Kim about how NeNe was "singing" about her. Sounds like their true colors are getting ready to be exposed! Damn...why does it all have to end? It makes me feel so much better about my pitiful life!

d-love said...

OMG, just watched the TMZ clip. Cannot believe the lawyers accent, do people still talk like that in America? I adore his bad haircut, bad sunglasses, bad shirt, bad suit and bad tie - they need to get him on the show on the regular.

that's what she said...

Is that Heidi and Brent Bolthouse in the photos above?

blueyedred said...

Kim is the most pittiful person I have ever come in contact with in person or on television. Talk about denial!!! She has no class, much less a singing voice. Money from a sugar daddy does not make you a classy, successful woman. Kim proves this to the tee. Maybe her lawyer will be her new sugar daddy!

cv said...

is it just me or does Kim suck as a singer? she is off key on every note and her voice is flat. WTF? why doesn't someone tell her?

Taylor said...

Attn Sheree :

Stacey Dash - you are not.


Glenda said...

The hair you see in this photo, has to be what her hair looks like without the wig, which looks far better than with the dam wig.
The wig makes her look like an old lady in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

How funny and ridiculous, Kim that photo really tells the truth about your age. Kim you talked shit about if NeNe said anything to you at the finale dinner you were going to kick her ass.Well where is the bad as in you now? Oh thats right your scared.You know Lisa is a black belt and will rip that dime store wig off of your head! Waa Waa Im calling my lawyer... Airhead.

Anonymous said...

I found Lisa's performance quite revealing. Throughout the show she tried to portray herself as sophisticated and classy. Instead her reponse to Kim when she was outed as the one who created the rift between NENE and Kim showed she was just another sister from the block!!! Gottcha