Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Preview. Kim and NeNe Fight It Out Like They're on the Set of Maury. Sidenote: Curtis, You are Not the Father.

Whilst IBBB will be recapping the ever loving piss out of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion once it airs, here's a little clippy clip of some of the smackdown between Lisa and Kim and then NeNe and Kim. At one point I'm pretty sure that NeNe talks about Kim's weave, which really isn't nice to say. She should have said "wig." Wig. Not weave. Wig.
Later, NeNe tells Kim that she'll see her outside. My money is on NeNe and by "money" I really mean "citizenship."
How come no one is wearing "She by Sheree" on the set? Rude!


Anonymous said...

i really think that once kim gets her ass wooped one good time she'll start acting right. She has had a can of woop ass yet so she talks alot of BS. Thank u lisa and nene 4 setting her straight (somewhat)

ofe said...

Kim is just an idiot, everything she says comes out wrong and with out any substance, instead of trying to become a singer, which she's not, she should go and try to take some basic classes so when she's on national tv she doesn't sound so stupid. She met some guy that is willing to throw a couple of dollars her way and she thinks she's somebody. My advice is get a real job. I think Nene is a bit immature but she's truthful and her head is not filled up with nonsense. She knows where her place is, she's probably the only one I saw involved in her kids life. Kim in the other hand made some idiot comment about how her children are not going to get in the way of her dream, what dream? Her poor kids are just there. I'm glad that Nene and Lisa called her out. You know Nene is not just saying things when you have Lisa who was not even involve tell her off.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see this! A must see for sure. Lisa tells it like it is, baby! Kim deserves to get her ass whooped. I think Nene will tear that wig off!! I wonder if we'll get to see the infamous "Curtis"?

Anonymous said...

Dude -- she totally said wig, not weave!

Anonymous said...

Kim... you are a liar and total white trash. Give it up please...People in America are not that stupid. I Knew that was a wig! LOL It looks terrible. As far as the cancer... and I do not mean to be insensetive.. I don't believe it.. How terrible to lie about somthing so serious. Believe me people will dig and find out the truth.. you exposed yourself to America and they will find out the truth one way or another! In my eyes it is just a case of .. Liar Liar pants on fire!

PS My money is on NeNe .. she might be out of line sometimes but she speaks her mind and does not gossip behind somones back. She is true to who she is and I give her Kudos. Oh and one more thng.. Let's be serious Sheree is not your friend either. All she cares about is getting her clothing line out there and I honestly belive she thinks your a freak. Sorry about the ramble about Kim but I know these types of people and they totally need help and serious medication. Those poor kids!