Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real HOusewives of Atlanta: Season Finale. What We've Learned.

How's the season over when I feel like I just started watching this Atlanta hurricane of horror? We learned a lot this episode and I'm smarter because of it.

  • We learned that Kim continues her rein of terror on the suit jacket.
  • We learned that Kim thinks that NeNe is a drag queen. This is coming from the woman who is wearing a Bratz doll wig and a mans suit jacket.
  • We learned that Kim actually asked Sheree and Lisa if NeNe was black.
  • We learned that DeShawn plays basketball with her husband in a yellow club shirt, jeans, and big earrings. Also, with her husband retiring "due to injury" from the NBA she fears not being in the limelight anymore. Perhaps she hasn't noticed that she's on a show called "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and as she's saying these words there are cameras filming her, a boom-mic operator, lights, and producers surrounding her. Maybe that's not "limelight" enough for Shawny.
  • We learned that when Dallas Austin calls Kim and tells her that she needs to start Country Singer Bootcamp, Kim's nanny, Mia, must think someone is calling to kill Kim because she looks concerned for her life.
  • We learned that Kim is visibly nervous about quitting smoking and drinking and having to run everyday, but then immediately tells Dallas Austin that her kids aren't going to stop her from her dream. She's sweet like that. Maybe give the kids the cigarettes and White Zinfandel. You know, keep it in the family.
  • We learned that NeNe is writing a letter to her "father" Curtis because apparently people still mail actual letters to people. Can't she just email Curtis? I bet his email address is
  • We learned that Lisa doesn't want to her husband to be in a wheel chair because she wants to grow old with him and not have to push him around in a wheelchair. Yes, that conversation is actually taking place.
  • We learned that the dude from Project Runway calls out Sheree for not picking out her own fabrics and basically being hands-on with her horrific clothing line called "She By Sheree." It should be called "She of Sheree." That way we could call it "SOS" for short.
  • We learned that Kim is officially quitting smoking and, in turn, her daughters will stop sleeping in her bed with her. Scary. Her oldest daughter is 11. So Kim sleeps with her two daughters and her wig? Isn't that a fire hazard?
  • We learn that Kim thinks that her voice is "a God given talent." I begin to question God.
  • We learn that Sheree can have all the money and "class" in the world, but she still pronounces "ask" as "axe."
  • We learn that NeNe continues to bring the laughs by telling Lisa and Sheree that she doesn't want to have to take a picture with those bitches whilst at Lisa's husband's "Surprise You're Being Shipped to Oakland" party.
  • We learn that if you're graduating from high school and your mom, NeNe, is taking you to the car dealership your best bet is to show up to the car dealership still wearing your graduation cap and gown because, you know, that makes sense.
  • We learn that Sheree has actual children, which chills me to the bone. These kids are smart and get all "A's" or "SherrA's" on their report card and receive money and a trip for doing so.
  • We learn that the end of the episode dinner that Lisa has for everyone is completely awkward to watch. At one point I'm pretty sure I hear crickets. I assume the crickets are coming from Kim's wig and I just move on from the moment.
  • We learn that NeNe tries to talk to Kim and Sheree about what happened and they just stare at her.
  • We learn that Kim doesn't want her kids hearing NeNe yell at her, but somehow she seems to be ok with her kids listening to her sing. Isn't that worse?
  • We learn that Greg, NeNe's husband, is the voice of reason and is far classier than any of the people at the table.
  • We learn that, at the end of the day, Kim realizes that she should have talked to NeNe about what bothered her a month ago. They kind of "squash" the fight, but from the looks of the Reunion Show next week everyone hates each other even more.

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Anonymous said...

I have to thank you IBBB for recapping this show. It's addicting. Did you notice that Kim's daughter threw 18 packs of Newports out that she kept in her fridge!! She looked at those cigarettes like they were more important than her children ( b/c they are- don't let those 2 bitches ruin your dream of being married to a rich man, smoking newports, and drinking White trash Zinfandel everyday!). Oh and that conversation b/t Kim and Dallas Austin sounded like when you want to break up with someone but you want to be nice so you sit down and have a talk with them but they still just don't get it...frustrating. BTW- why does everyones assistant look so busted?? If they have all that money can't they give the assistants hand me downs or something. And why does Kim even have an assistant? Last time I checked, boning Bazillionaires didn't require an assistant's help. The SOS clothing line is going to be a complete sham. I love how Sheree states that her ex husband (by the way did you know he plays in the NFL? She's drug that through the ground about a million times) never wanted to help her with her dreams...Bitch, that's because it was HIS money! He was actually doing something and you wanted to take his money and do something you know nothing about!!! You want a fashion line with your " figures" and don't even know fabric types.
S.O.S. by Sheree is going to be in Target Fall 2009 ya'll. I can't WAIT for the reuinion show...bananas!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh this show is awesome. My favorite train-wreck on TV, followed closely by Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I CANNOT WAIT for the reunion show.

Taylor said...

I haven't watched yet, I have to read the recap, THEN watch..BUT

The She by Sheree, there is not a designer around that can't do their own sketches, that would not be 'on site' to select fabric and pin all that crap up the way its supposed to be sewn. Thats why she gets to have crap sent to her that is worse than Forever21.. the publicist, assistant and life coach she had couldn't help either I guess. * shrugs *

can't wait to watch the Finale...sounds like a real snooze.. :D

Anonymous said...

She by Sheree= SBS = Such-bull-shit

The end

Anonymous said...

Love this show but I hate sheree and delusional kim.